Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Petko Nikolic Vidusa


" …in 1799, cleared away the hills of sand and debris at the northeast and north-west corners, and reached beneath them the leveled surface of the living rock itself on which the Pyramid was originally founded. There, discovering two rectangular hollows carefully and truly cut into the rock, as if for "sockets" for the basal corner-stones, the said Academician measured the distance between those socket with much geodesic refinement, and found it to be equal to 763,62 English feet. The same distance being measured thirty-seven years afterwards by Colonel Howard-Vyse, guided by another equally sure direction of the original building, as 764,0 English feet, - we may take for the present solution of our problem, where a proportion is all that is now required, the mean, or 763,81 feet, as close enough for a first approximation only to the ancient base-breadth." *

The original ancient base-breadth was 760,9208333 present feet = 9.131,05 inches = 23.192,867 centimeters = 365,242 Sacred Cubits. The differences between the originally and the present measurements were caused by the earthquakes and by the meteorological reasons: the Sun's heat and the night's coldness: the most sun exposed south side of the present Pyramid's base is the longest side, and the north side, mostly in a shadow, is shortest.

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