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The northern tip of Canolbarth Forest is a wild and beautiful area known as the Emerlas. Shrouded in mystery and legend, the Emerlas is home to numerous creatures. Floating high above the Emerlas is the Shining Isle of Karelia, a faedorne. The Shining Isle is only visible at night and appears as a bright star in the heavens, known to the elves as the Star of Galannor.

Two thousand years ago, the red dragon Gorkalk flew out of the northern mountains and destroyed large tracts of the Emerlas. Seeking a champion to combat the dragon, Karelia’s attention lighted on Galannor Nightflame, an elfin hero of great renown, dwelling in Alfheim to the south. Karelia sent a raven as her messenger to Galannor Nightflame to lead him from Alfheim. Galannor made haste to the Emerlas and sought out Gorkalk’s lair in the Misty Hills. There, a terrible fight ensued and, in spite of his wounds, Galannor slew the dragon. Karelia was impressed with Galannor’s bravery. In her silver ship, she carried the wounded hero to the Shining Isle where he now lives beyond his span of years.

Since then the Emerlas has been peaceful and many creatures have made it their home. Recently, however, the red dragon Khordarg has moved into the lair of her great grandfather, Gorkalk. By employing threats and promises of wealth she has brought many humanoid bands under her control. Khordarg now plans to lay waste to the area, and she has already destroyed the dwarven stronghold of Granitgape and the human hamlet of Scrubton . At the start of the adventure, only Erystelle’s great uncle Druinder suspects Khordarg’s existence.


Erystelle’s home, Dorneryll is a large oak tree on the southern edge of the Emerlas. On brightly painted platforms high in the branches of Dorneryll, the elves of Erystelle’s family have made their homes. The area around the tree is laid out with pleasant flower, vegetable and herb gardens. To the east of the tree are a few outbuildings and stables for the family’s horses. The nearest elfin dwelling to Dorneryll is that of Druinder, the elfin smith to the north west. All other elves live to the south, deep in Canolbarth Forest. As a youngster, Erystelle was never allowed to wander far in the Emerlas and consequently the character’s knowledge of the area is sketchy. On reaching maturity, Erystelle headed south to Alfheim, the elf king’s court, and to lands beyond.


After years of adventuring in distant lands, Erystelle has decided to return home. But the homecoming will be far from pleasant; most of Dorneryll’s inhabitants lie dead, slain by the red dragon Khordarg, while Dorneryll itself is in flames. This vicious attack cannot go unavenged ...


A letter found by the burning trunk of Dorneryll will lead to the forge of Erystelle’s great uncle. Druinder will suggest that Erystelle attempts to recall Galannor Nightflame. Druinder thinks that the hermit of the north will know how this is to be done and gives directions to the hermit’s cave. Unfortunately, the hermit has gone into hiding and Erystelle will be unable to find him until much later in the quest. However, Fate has chosen Erystelle to save the Emerlas and to be as great a hero as Galannor Nightflame. After collecting numerous clues, Erystelle will discover the location and secret of the Shattered Pillars. From here, Erystelle will journey to the Shining Isle aboard the silver ship of Karelia the faedorne.


Two tests face Erystelle on the Shining Isle. If the Silver Warrior is defeated and the Bridge of Change successfully negotiated, Erystelle will arrive at the Silver Glade. Here, Karelia the faedorne awaits with the magical items of Galannor - including the sentient sword, Scorbane.


Journeying to Khordarg's lair. Erystelle will discover thousands of humanoids ready for an assault on Alfheim. To slay Khordarg, Erystelle has to sneak through a cave system to the dragon's lair and there face her in single combat.

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