Wednesday, January 7, 2009


A huge and very mysterious plain that can be found in the Sinai desert.

The tales of creation, ancient wars and great annihilation by sophisticated weapons told by the Ancient Sumerians talk of a great destruction that was wrought upon an ancient space port that is said to have existed in the vicinity that was utterly destroyed by advanced weaponry. If such an event really occurred surely some trace of such devastation would still be found; and indeed such can still be seen in the area presently known as the ‘Israeli Militarized Zone’ of the Sinai peninsula.

The area contains a vast triangular plain that consists of normal coloured sands but appears black from a distance because the ground is literally covered with scorched and blackened rocks. The extent of the contrasts on this plain that continues to baffle scientists was not fully realised until satellite pictures were taken of the area which only succeeded in adding to the puzzle.

Sumerian texts tell us that this plain was the location of the Ancient Spaceport, the Edin and the 5 other ‘vital control centres’ that were completely obliterated in the final conflicts of the Anunnaki by “Seven Weapons of Terror” and it is here that we find a huge blackened scar on the planets surface that can be likened to nowhere else on Earth. Now what do you suppose would cause that?

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