Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ancient Town 'Sevtopolis', Submerged on a Lake Bottom to be Reconstructed

Association ‘Preserve the Bulgarian' starts action for the realizing of ‘Sevtopolis' project.
At first the organizators will collect subscription list  throughout the whole country, the projects author and major architect Jeko Tilev announced.
Sevtopolis or the City of Tracian King Sevt III is capital of the Odyisian state in the end of IV - beginning of III century before Christ.
It was found and observed in 1948 - 1954 by the construction works of Koprinka dam like and afterwards, however, submerged in the lake waters.
This is the first and best preserved Thracian city in Bulgaria, located 7 km western from the Thracian capital of Bulgaria - Kazanlak and 2 kilometers from the ‘Goliyama Kosmatka' tomb, where the biggest Thracian treasures were found.
The reconstruction of the ancient city, located on the lake bottom was hindered to the moment by undecided judicial matters.
Few foreign companies have already shown interest towards subsidizing the initiative.
According to architect Jeko Tilev the financing of the project won't injure the state subsidizing of other archaeological objects, due to the fact it would depend mainly on public- private partnership and support by EU funds.
The reconstruction of Sevtopolis won't use state budget recourses.
There won't be any ecological harm over the local fauna. It is previewed the reservoir to be drawn out during the city walls' reconstruction but this won't be dangerous for the local environment.
The projects author pointed out the social - economical and scientific significance which the Sevtopolis reconstruction will have. It will attract many tourists and will develop the infrastructure in the region.
The project has the support of many world organizations from Netherlands, USA, Canada, Spain and also lots of state institutions, though haven't still received official answer.


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