Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Science as the key to solving the Ancient Mysteries

Both science and wisdom serve to demystify the mysterious. Thereby, they should be expected to work hand in hand to prove the truth about the nature of our existence. In recent centuries, science has helped us see beyond much of the ignorance imposed through religious dogma and superstition. At great personal risk, numerous scientific pioneers like Galileo and Copernicus methodically pushed back the veils of ignorance imposed through Christian Rome’s religious strictures.

Thanks to those who refused to succumb to Christian Rome’s oppression and long-term suppression of the truth, we now know far more about our world and universe than the inhabitants of recent millennia. Even so, we still live in a civilization where those organizations and leaders that have been the greatest sources of ignorance, oppression, and conflict over the centuries, somehow still manage to deceive, delude, and manipulate billions. Since science has managed to lift the veils of darkness from the realities of the natural world, the time has arrived to do the same regarding the conceptual and spiritual aspects of existence that religion has purposely confounded for millennia.

The sages and scientists of ancient Egypt knew much that still eludes modern researchers. As repeatedly recorded in their words, they were helped by symbology and wisdom preserved by the scientist-sages of a much earlier period of civilization, which they called Zep Tepi, a.k.a. the First Times. Throughout this book I demonstrate that these wisdom symbologies originated from a deeply ancient source, then through millennia of use in ancient Egypt, Nubia, and elsewhere, and then into the Hebrew texts through AmenMoses’ efforts.

These ancient symbolic sources have always purposefully encoded a deeply profound merger of science and spiritual wisdom. Likewise, the underlying rules and structure of ancient symbologies are based on precise scientific principles and natural observations. It is already understood that Egyptian hieroglyphs are based on the natural world, but very few grasp that the underlying rules for the symbologies evidenced throughout the Nile Valley were based on very profound science that has long been erroneously misinterpreted as magic, mysticism, and religion.

Among the most important keys to demystifying pivotal details were simple conclusions from string theory and quantum physics. The most important was validation by theorists, via the math of string theory, that there are 11 dimensions to our reality. This vital detail clarified and validated why the numbers 4 and 7 and symbolic uses of 11 were so important in ancient symbolic concepts and narratives. The repeated uses of these numbers and the very specific contexts they are used within demonstrates that ancient sages purposefully and redundantly sent forth details to the future that precisely encode the actual structure of our 11 dimension universe. This and other science is verifiably encapsulated within very ancient symbolism and narratives. Many are aware that the numbers 4, 7, and 11 have a very special place in numerology and related mysticism. Now you are given the proof of why these numbers were so vitally important to the ancients, which also proves that religious and mystical assertions about them are mostly bunk.

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