Monday, February 27, 2012

The Art of W. M. Hyperborea

The Prophet
Artist Statement:
For more than twelve years now, the Dutch couple, Willem and Madeleine, have been working together in different fields of the arts.

They chose Hyperborea, (“New Found Land”), as their professional name. Being sculptors by trade, they’ve created a substantial collection of stone sculptures in addition to translating these into bronze works.

Several years ago they discovered the realm of computer graphics. This resulted in a large number of 3D renderings, featuring their unique style: Alien landscapes inhabited by graceful life forms.

Most recently they have been working together on various projects in which they combine their sculptures, 3D artworks and original electronic music into multi-media presentations.

The Art of W M Hyperborea
They also compose electronic ambient music to provide the sculptures and 3D artwork with audio soundscapes. Compilations of these audio/video projects are available on their website and on the Hyperborea's YouTube Channel. You'll find total 23 clips, such as Alien Architecture, Another Utopia, Ancient Dreams ...

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