Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Faerie Hounds

Celtic fairy hounds (Roger Garland)

Huge faerie dogs haunt the roads of much of Mythic Europe. They terrify, and sometimes kill, travelers. Some can run rapidly, while others run upon their hindlimbs when chasing humans, so as to have their teeth closer to the victim's throat.

They say that a certain crossroads are a door to another world, the world of the faeries and the gods and demons that act in ways that we don’t usually see. Every now and then, these crossroads will have a peculiar occupant—the faerie dog. These aren’t the puppies you and I know—these dogs are bright green and will bark once or twice as a warning. But upon the third bark, the listener is doomed. Perhaps throwing a bone might help?

Aufhocker: Found in German-speaking areas, this creature acts as a kelpie, and uses its adhere power to cling to foes while goring them so that its weight adds 6 to their combat Load. 

Kludie: From Belgium, this is the most-powerful variant of this beast. It can take monstrously large versions of the forms of dog, cat, bat, horse, or frog. It walks on its back legs, with a dancing movement as it sprints toward its victim. It is preceded by supernatural blue flames. Kludie knows the trick of bouncing on the back of his quarry and using the adhere power to drag his prey down. It also does the kelpie trick, dunking or drowning those who mount him in horse form.

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